St Bernadette’s delivers contemporary education that sees computer technology as an integral part of learning and teaching. We believe technology to be an exciting and essential tool with which to engage, motivate and support our students in their learning. St Bernadette’s has invested in six class sets of laptops where each class set is shared between two classes. This ensures that technology can be used a tool to be used at any stage of learning throughout the day, rather than simply as a subject to be taught in isolation.

The Digital Technologies Curriculum is a new curriculum area which offers our students experience at problem solving to become creators, rather than users of technology. Digital Technologies is taught through a range of learning contexts including Inquiry, English and Mathematics. Through these sessions, we aim to develop students’ understandings of the three strands; Digital Systems, Data and Information and Creating Digital Solutions.

Across all levels we educate our students to be safe and responsible users of digital technologies. This includes cyber safety and using shared information ethically. Students are encouraged to think about the positives and negatives of digital technologies, and how to ensure that we are respectful users.

Students are taught to use coding software such as Scratch to develop problem solving skills which they can then apply to making programs and games of their own.






Students at St Bernadette’s use a number of educational programs and websites on a regular basis. These include:

Google Apps For Education – Docs, Slides, Sheets and Forms for sharing resources related to learning and communicating with teachers.

My Numeracy activities in Essential Assessment, Mathseeds and Literacy Planet – subscribed by the school for students’ use in class and at home to develop their skills in Mathematics and English.

ClassDojo – used by the St Bernadette’s community to communicate with each other through private messages and the use of photos, videos and announcements on Class Story.

Hapara – an online digital collaboration platform that facilitates internet based learning at St Bernadette’s which allows students and teachers to collaborate in differentiated and personalised digital assignments. Through Hapara, teachers have visibility into what learners are working on in real time and they have the ability to provide feedback in the moment.