We are very proud of our music program at St Bernadette’s. Our exciting and diverse program aims to develop a love of music, to foster the creativity of students and to enable students to feel the sense pride that comes from working together and when performing either collaboratively or individually.

Our newly created Music Room, is a wonderful learning environment. There is ample space to respond to music through movement and dance and to play a variety of beautiful instruments, including xylophones, marimbas and djembe drums. Music sessions draw upon different music teaching philosophies but in particular, The Orff Approach. This approach uses speech, singing, movement and instrumental playing to teach the elements of music, with an emphasis on practical music making activities rather than theory.  

Students in Grades 3-6 have the opportunity to participate in The St Bernadette’s School Choir, which meets once a week for a 45 min session. Students learn a variety of songs and are lucky enough to be supported by both our Music Specialist teacher and our accompanist on piano or guitar. Students perform at school assemblies, school fetes, The Basin Christmas Carols, St Bernadette’s Christmas Carols, Whole School Productions, The Arts Alive Nights and sing at local retirement villages.






At St Bernadette’s, we also offer private instrumental tuition in both keyboard and guitar. Students perform at the end of year instrumental recital and are also encouraged to sit their Australian Musical Exams Board (AMEB) exams.