Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts program aims to provide students with the opportunity to be explore, create and respond to art in a safe and fun learning environment. Students build their confidence and creative skills using a wide variety of materials and techniques. They are encouraged to use their imagination in expressing their ideas and applying new skills.

We believe students gain multiple benefits from the visual arts program which include: inventiveness, decision making & critical thinking skills, motor skills, language development, self expression and cultural awareness.

All students from Prep to Grade 6 attend a weekly 50 minute Art lesson. We have a well equipped, stand alone art room, where students explore a variety of art experiences, including: painting, drawing, construction, clay work, collage, printing and textiles. Students respond to the art work of their own and others and explore the art of the past and present. We take great pride in the artwork of our students and seek to showcase children’s work throughout the school.

At St Bernadette’s, we celebrate all that is Visual Arts and Music, with our ‘Arts Alive Night’. Our school community comes together to admire the wonderful  artwork of the children and are delighted by a variety of musical performances, with each ‘Arts Alive Night’ having its own individual theme or focus.