What Parents Are Saying

“We have been blown away with St Bernadette’s from the moment we stepped foot inside.  It doesn’t take long to realise that it is a school that truly prides itself on our children’s happiness and accommodating all of their needs.

We really love the small community feel and the very genuine student/teacher interactions.  Thank you very much, we would not hesitate in recommending St Bernadette’s to our friends and families.”



“I love the community culture at St B’s and that everyone in the school acknowledges you by name.  My kids have all had great experiences and made some amazing friends.  I love the school’s innovation and creativity and how they apply that to learning”



“As a student myself at school, I was one to ‘fall through the cracks’. The teaching programs at St Bernadette’s show the elimination of that happening now with students due to the direct education methods.

It fills me with confidence, the individual attention each student gets so as not to be left behind.”



“What impressed me and drew me to St B’s was the Data Wall and the theory behind ensuring all children are learning at an appropriate level.

My child is always happy and enjoys school and it is identified and concentrated on when she has slipped behind.

We are very happy at St B’s. We love the community feel and community engagement for both the children and families.”



“Surrounded by nature St Bernadette’s is a community minded school buzzing with activity and learning. We have been at St Bernadette’s for 12 years now, with dedicated and enthusiastic staff our children have flourished in their learning and experiences. Being in a smaller school you are known and can feel that real sense of belonging. There are many activities which stand out such as cafe kids, stage productions, art exhibitions, sporting events, music lessons, bike ed, camps, vegetable gardens, leadership opportunities, community events and not forgetting our delightful library. During the covid pandemic the staff have been outstanding with embracing technology to deliver the home school learning program and communication with families. If you are looking for a school with great community, Christian values and caring staff in a beautiful setting then come and take a tour!”


“We are so grateful to have found such a lovely school for our children to grow and develop. We look forward to making lifelong memories and seeing our children develop their skills and knowledge for the future.”



“We are beyond thrilled with our choice to send our children to St Bernadette’s.  The community spirit this school holds really makes me so proud.

We didn’t just want a school where it’s just about education, but a school where I really feel they care about our child and their well-being by helping them develop confidence in learning in a very happy, safe environment.

Thank you to all the teachers for instilling this love of learning into both our children, they come home daily so happy and I couldn’t be prouder.

The level of love and care all the teachers have here is a God send.”



“We are really happy with how the school approaches all aspects of learning. The personalised attention given to each student is amazing.

Very happy, caring environment.”

Jessica & Kade


“We started at St B’s in 2021 and have loved getting to know all the staff and families that are a part of this great little community. The quietness of the surrounding area makes it feel like you are in a special place and the views and school grounds create a warm and calm learning environment.

We have had a very positive experience at St B’s and are looking forward to many more years of learning and creating valued memories and experiences.”



“It was a great opportunity to see and hear about the learning approach.  The thing that impressed me most is the individual learning plans for each student; tailoring education to reach student potential.

The new reading program and strategies help my son to improve his reading dramatically.  The school is nurturing and friendly and they are teaching children to spread kindness outside the school door.”



“Fantastic to finally see the school. Seeing the different learning levels warms my heart. The students showing me around were fantastic and expressed how inclusive all learning was for all different levels.

Fantastic community and great to finally see it in person.

Well done to all.  Cheers.”



“What I love about St Bernadette’s is the inclusiveness, the community spirit and that sense of belonging felt by both the student and their families.  The pride our students have in their school is overwhelming and speaks volumes to the holistic teaching approach.  Success is encouraged, recognised and celebrated across all levels.  Whether your child is academic, sporty or creative they have an opportunity to shine.”



“I think the way that you and your team have adapted to this new phase of remote learning is commendable. The content is great, the delivery is excellent and my boys are both engaged and happy with each day’s
lessons.  From our end the transition seems almost seamless, although I know this is only due to the hard work, adaptability, professionalism and caring of the wonderful teacher group we have. Please pass on our
gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to all your team. Once again St. B’s is a shining example to the larger community.”



“I like how every child is assessed on their work and then put into level so no is left behind.”



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