How to Enrol

Below you will find everything you need to start your child’s education journey at St Bernadette’s.

COVID19 UPDATE: We are still conducting school tours with our Principal Peter Steward. Due to covid19 restrictions these will take place outside school hours.

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Enrolment Process

St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School is a Catholic community where Gospel values and Catholic traditions are nurtured. Within this community, we seek to foster faith, prayer and a sense of belonging in an atmosphere of trust and acceptance. St Bernadette’s serves the diverse wider community that we belong to by welcoming those from other traditions and faith backgrounds, however all students will be expected to participate in Religious Education programs and celebrations.

Points to be considered for enrolment include:

  • Completion of application for enrolment (together with the
  • Return of appropriate documentation)
  • Interviews – as required
  • Availability of place as determined by ceiling on class size

Priority for enrolment:

  • Siblings of existing families will be given priority.
  • Baptised Catholic children living within the Parish
  • Baptised Catholic children living outside the Parish
  • Baptised Eastern Orthodox children
  • Children from other faith backgrounds

The Parish Priest, Principal and Advisory Board will be guided by the Enrolment Policy Statement of the Archdiocese of Melbourne in matters concerning enrolment of children.